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Home Inspection Services

Our standards of practice meet or exceed the minimum inspection requirements per the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).  Such requirements state the inspector shall provide a written opinion of your home’s condition at the time of inspection.  If it is deemed that certain conditions present itself as unsafe to the inspector or the inspector cannot safely reach an area as it may cause significant damage to an area, the inspector will make note of such situation and will inform the client.

Our inspectors report the general condition of on our client’s property and property components. Below are several items our inspection includes:

·        Air conditioning systems (depending on outside temperature)

·        Attic insulation and ventilation

·        Balconies, decks, porches

·        Built-in appliances

·        Chimneys

·        Crawl spaces

·        Dishwashers

·        Duct systems

·        Electrical systems (meter box, service line, GFCI & AFCIs)

·        Exterior doors, walls, and windows

·        Fascia & soffits

·        Fireplaces (dampers, hearths)

·        Flashings & trim

·        Food waste disposers

·        Foundations

·        Garage doors, photo sensors

·        Grading and drainage

·        Gutters and downspouts

·        Heating systems (depending on outside temperature)

·        Interior ceilings, doors, & walls

·        Interior plumbing fixtures and faucets Roof covering materials

·        Mechanical exhaust systems and bathroom heaters

·        Roof structures and attics

·        Skylights

·        Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

·        Sprinkler systems

·        Stairways

·        Water heating systems

·        Vents & ventilation

·        Walkways and railings

Note: We inform our clients at first contact if a particular system cannot be inspected due to safety or hazard to the inspector, the inspector is unfamiliar with a certain system, or a foreign object is blocking or preventing the inspector from making a sound written or oral observation.

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