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From electrical to air ducts, infrared inspections are radiation-free and help to deliver a peace of mind to home owners or can visually point out what the naked eye can’t see. 

Our service assists you in making smarter decisions on your home purchase.  For example, infrared may pick up moisture anomalies in the attic near the duct system (moisture can lead to mold).  Even temperature anomalies can provide clues from plumbing leaks to lack of insulation in the attic.  

Protect your investment with a second set of eyes…infrared eyes.

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Thermal images of moisture problems (if any) are followed up with a quality moisture meter.  We recommend proper repairs be performed by a qualified and licensed professional. 

Moisture can be conducive to fungi-mold, decay and wood destroying insects that cannot always be seen.  Also, remember that more repair items may be discovered during the process of further evaluations and repairs of any item listed in the inspection thermal report.

While infrared thermal imaging is a far better diagnostic tool than the naked eye, it does not guarantee 100% accuracy, unless removal or destruction of components can be achieved to validate findings.

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